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At Rways Container Line we take pride in the quality of our services and work hard to deliver what we promise to our customers. Sometimes however, errors and accidents can happen and in that case we aim to settle any claims our customers may have as fast as possible.

If you are unsure whether a loss/damage falls within Rways Container Line (the Carrier's) liability, go to "Do I have a claim” » here.

Select " » Create notice of claim here" to create a preliminary notice of claim.

General Claims Information

When Taking Delivery - Make Sure That Loss And Damage Is Registered

What should I do when I take delivery of my shipments?

In Case Of Loss Or Damage

If damage or loss occurs you should :

Reefer Cargo

  • Temperature Records.
  • Preventing Loss And Damage

    What can be done to prevent loss and damage?

    All Cargo

  • Ensure that you use a suitable container size and type.
  • Check that cargo marks and numbers are identical with those of your documentation including the bill of lading.
  • Ensure that the containers are in a clean, odour free and sound condition before stuffing them.
  • Ensure that the cargo is suitably packaged for container stowage/transportation.
  • Ensure that the container is stuffed in a proper and secure manner so that the cargo cannot shift during transportation.
  • Ensure that the container is properly closed and sealed.
  • Do not mix incompatible cargoes in the same container.
  • Specifically For Reefer Cargo

  • Check the temperature requirements for your cargo type.
  • We recommend that you make a physical inspection to ensure that the actual ventilation setting corresponds to the requested setting.
  • Pre-cool your cargo to the correct set temperature.
  • Stuff the container in a cold facility (i.e. ensure that the cold chain is never broken!).
  • Re-check the temperature before delivering the container.
  • Do not stuff the cargo above the red load line.
  • Documentation

    In order to ensure the smooth handling of your claim it is important that you supply the documentation below with your claim.

    All Cargo

    In order to ensure the smooth handling of your claim it is important that you supply the documentation below with your claim.

  • Copy of both sides of the Rways Container Line transport documents e.g. original bill of lading or seaway bill (not non-negotiable or other copies).
  • Original cargo invoice.
  • Packing list.
  • Export / import declaration.
  • Customs declaration.
  • Survey report with original photos.
  • Calculation of claim.
  • Salvage invoice or destruction certificate.
  • Veterinary certificate (if applicable).
  • Other substantiating documents.
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